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    Cyriel Kortleven


    Global professional & TEDx speaker » the Change Mindset » Author 5 books » 300+ recommendations from all over the world.

    Karen Van Heuckelom


    Karen guides people who want to successfully shape their lives and careers by investigating how they can create added value for themselves, their environment and their employer in a sustainable way.

    Ramon Vullings


    Ramon Vullings is an engaging keynote speaker (TEDx), author, cross-industry innovation expert & ideaDJ.


    Working with clients like NASA, Siemens, Nike & Pfizer.

    Willem Stortelder


    I do things that energize me. That makes my offer rather diverse, but it is in my nature and I benefit from it.


    By letting you think and move out of your pattern.

    Johan D'Haeseleer


    Keynote speaker (TEDx) - Expert Personal Effectivity - Biohacker - Experiman.

    Martine Vanremoortele


    (Remote)Visual facilitation //Visual Storytelling // Visual Consultant // Strategic Illustrations

    Joost Kadijk


    Creative and result driven professional. Ready to change the system. Expert in multiparty collaboration. Happy in healthcare and public environment.

    Marc Heleven


    Innovation researcher for companies and organisations / inspiration for innovation / cross-industry innovation expert